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Test page, please ignore

I have a problem on my Asus MeMo Pad HD7. The youtube embedded videos that I use in my links don't show the video, only the sound. After some tests, it appears that it's the height of the iframe that prevents the video from being shown. More tests show that for this specific tablet, a height of 307px will cause the video to be shown.

This test is to see if this problem is specific to Android 4.2.2's stock browser, and what combination of width/heights cause the video to be shown/not shown.

Device detection

- With PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones, there are many combinations of screen dimensions (including rotated tablets/phones) and pixel densities. I would like my stuff to display and function efficiently and elegantly on all devices, but my stuff would need a way to detect what the current device capabilities are. This is a test of what Javascript can learn about the device viewing this page.

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