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Offseason chatter: Joe Lacob says Warriors could acquire a pick

The Golden State Warriors don't own a draft pick, but owner Joe Lacob is open to the possibility of acquiring one.

Doug Pensinger

Remember last year's draft? Yeah, that worked out pretty well. Just when you thought all we could do this year was remember it fondly and jabber about Dwight Howard, Joe Lacob gives us this table scrap to chew on:

Thank goodness for this. I mean, not that I miss being a perennial lottery team, but somehow it wouldn't be early June without a little draft talk.

So who do we target if we acquire a pick? A Landry replacement? A Jack replacement? Enlighten me, because I've spent about as much time on DraftExpress this year as I have following professional archery.

Also, I'm curious to see how the Howard opinions break down numerically, so please answer the poll.

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