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Stephen Curry, a Warrior forever?

No draft picks, no major trades on the horizon and no Charlie Bell amnesties. What more can one ask for? It keeps getting better with Stephen Curry's quotes.

Curry might soon get his basketball team.
Curry might soon get his basketball team.
Kristin Vining Photography

Will Leitch of SportsonEarth penned this small piece on Stephen Curry this morning. You can access his podcasts and other articles in his archives as he's been focusing on the Bay Area this week. 49ers, Sharks, Raiders, Giants, A's, or Ray Ratto, it's all there for you.

The whole thing is a must-read but the last snippet is perhaps the most exciting, and informative.

But mostly: It's the fans. "No offense to New York, but I'm so, so happy I didn't fall to them in the draft," he says after I tell him I'm a Knicks fan. "No matter what they do with the new arena, they better not change the dynamics of the fanbase. If we have the same fans, in this new place … man, I'd want to play here forever. Wouldn't you?"

If you didn't pick up on it, that's Curry speaking. His four-year extension kicks in this offseason and he'll presumably play on the Warriors until 2018. If the San Francisco arena does get built, he'll have already played one year there. There are obviously a lot of variables here (ankle and more ankles) but he's the rare player with a skill that won't erode: the greatest shooter ever. That's not bad.

A lot of this might just be player-speak, mere words in adherence to fan hopes, but the playoff run and his chemistry with the City rose to new heights this postseason. With the team's forecast optimistic and the future relatively static—salary cap issues notwithstanding—is it reasonable to believe he'll don those short-sleeve jerseys forever?

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