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Slacker Radio Campaign: Music at Oracle Arena

Because you care about the music at Oracle Arena.


For some odd, odd, but really not that odd reason, ABC has played some of the worst music in their intros and lead-outs of commercials. The mixture of Pitbull, Macklemore (the overplay nature of his "Thrift Shop" song should be a referendum on his career) and the occasional Justin Bieber is ear-splitting. T

here are, of course, some classic songs played during games, including the traditional Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" played after a San Francisco Giants' win.

However, when it comes to the Golden State Warriors, I'm not a season-ticket holder so I won't speak to what's the most consistently played song, but as long as "Don't Stop Believing" isn't playing, we should all be safe.

When noting the songs played inside the arena, I'm inclined to say they should do without it altogether. The Miami Heat have taken to the Seven Nation Army chant—that's as close to a contemporary in-game classic as possible and I actually like it—but most teams don't have recognizable songs.

However, Memphis is known for playing "Whoop That Trick" and the players have popularized that. It's hard seeing David Lee, Stephen Curry or Andrew Bogut but well, Marc Gasol did.

When I'm watching other teams on TV, I've heard some DJs play 50 Cent, Adam Levine or whatever is popular in the middle of an offensive possession and it leaves me wondering why we can't just enjoy great basketball instead of trying to search for extra gratification when what we are looking for is in front of us.

Having in-game music can add to the experience but just letting the people play would be much more entertaining that fist-pumping to the latest Flo Rida classic.

This doesn't mean that all music should be left out; there's a time and place for it, especially during timeouts and intros when people are looking for an extra amp.

Some suggestions for next year's list, with suggestions from comrade Nate Parham. I think you'll be able to differentiate between which one of us is choosing which:

The XX - Sunset

Richie Rich - Let's Ride

On Fire- Lloyd Banks

Too Short - Game Time

Daft Punk - Too Long/ Steam Machine

Luniz - Out To Be the Boss

Avicii - Levels

Mac Dre - Life's A B***h

And of course, there is always this.

What are some of your favorites?

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