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NBA free agency 2013: Carl Landry opts out of his contract with Golden State Warriors

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No surprise here.

Landry Flex.
Landry Flex.
Photo by Gary A. Vasquez | USA Today Sports

Carl Landry opting out of his contract with the Golden State Warriors probably shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone - the surprise would've been him choosing not to do so.

Marcus Thompson notes in his article that this doesn't eliminate the possibility that Landry could re-join the Warriors.

Landry said his free agent status does not rule out a return to Golden State. But the Warriors, over the cap and headed toward luxury tax status, may not have the money to keep Landry – especially if he gets a lucrative offer somewhere else.

The reality: NBA players don't turn down more lucrative contracts often, making it unlikely that the Warriors will be able to afford bringing him back.

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