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2013 NBA Draft Community Live Blog: Slow day for Golden State Warriors?

Some questions leading into the 2013 NBA Draft for the Golden State Warriors.


I have a lot of questions that I'll know the answers to later this evening:

  • Are the Warriors content to go into free agency with their current young roster plagued with 2 horrific expiring contracts and the looming free agency drama with Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry?
  • Do GM Bob Meyers and scouting lead Larry Riley see anyone in this draft worth the luxury tax?
  • Will it be painful to see the Utah Jazz finally use the Warriors pick in this year's draft? (The Chris Mullin-created Marcus Williams nightmare ends today!)
  • Can the Warriors pull a shocking magic trick and turn Andris Biedrins' expiring $9 million contract into something useful?
  • Can Richard Jefferson's $11 million expiring deal be used in some unfathomable blockbuster?
  • Will it be even tougher to make the Western Conference Playoffs after tonight?
  • Will the Warriors avoid drafting another bust- by not doing anything at all?
Flip back through some past Golden State Warriors Draft memories and History. (WARNING: This could cause either uncontrollable tears or laughter.)

Remember to follow along the NBA Draft with your 2nd (GSoM open thread) and 3rd screens (Beyond the Box on iPad). Also see: Beyond the Box for iPad: 2013 NBA Draft 3rd Screen + Golden State Warriors Timeline

Golden State Warriors timeline

NBA Draft timeline

General NBA timeline


Happy NBA Draft Day!

We'll start the open thread festivities in this post and then open up some more threads as the evening moves on...

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