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NBA Draft 2013: Golden State Warriors select Nemanja Nedovic

The Golden State Warriors managed to acquire a late first round pick and have acquired Nemanja Nedovic.

Photo via adidas EUROCAMP.

After a series of maneuvers by Trader Bob, the Golden State Warriors have selected 6-foot-4 combo guard Nemanja Nedovic with the 30th pick.

Although I'm not very familiar with this guy, DraftExpress is and has a full scouting video.

More from DraftExpress:

...many NBA scouts have come away impressed with what they've seen from Nedovic over the course of the season, and feel that he still has significant upside to grow into as he continues to mature and gains experience.

Nedovic is most effective in isolation and transition situations, where his explosive first step and excellent speed in the open floor allow him to attack the basket and finish above the rim in impressive fashion.

With that said, he's still learning the nuances of creating his own shot and scoring efficiently on a consistent basis, as he's not as effective inside the arc (43% 2P% through all competitions) or getting to the free throw line (41 attempts in 21 games) as you might hope.

So I'm just going to throw this out there: he sounds like a young European Jarrett Jack from that description.

SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues also has a scouting report on him, summarizing him as follows:

Ultimately, Nedovic is probably the biggest gambles of the European prospects. His combination of size, athleticism, and reasonable skill level gives him a much higher ceiling than someone like Bojan Dubljevic, but it's just as likely that he doesn't improve enough for the Grizzlies to bother bringing him over.

As we learn more, we'll offer more updates.

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