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Kawakami: Golden State Warriors 2013 NBA Draft pick 'illustrates three solid things about this front office'

Assuming that most of us know very little about Nemanja Nedovic, the Serbian player that the Golden State Warriors selected 30th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, I think we have to trust the front office's judgment for now.

Put simply, they have a very good track record (especially considering what they inherited) and, as Tim Kawakami describes, the pick shows us how far removed this new regime is from the Chris Cohan days.

Let's assume they targeted Nedovic, knew Minnesota's pick was for sale, then recooped some of the money when sliding back when they figured that he'd still be available later in the first.

At the very least, that illustrates three solid things about this front office:

-The willingness to spend money and desire to be aggressive about it;

-The spotlighting of exactly who they want;

-The ability to view the panorama of the moment and make moves within that.

For now, it's difficult to disagree with any of that - this is the kind of risk it takes to move forward, especially when cap room is scant. This was a low-risk move and, at worst, they just keep the guy in Europe.

Something else we have to assume: the Warriors, for whatever reason, weren't impressed enough with the college guys available to take one and give them a guaranteed roster spot.

In any event, the willingness to take advantage of even a low-risk opportunity is unquestionably a positive as we look at the direction of this organization.

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