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2013 NBA Draft: Making sense of how the Golden State Warriors went from not having a pick to Nemanja Nedovic

The Warriors began the night on the outside of the NBA Draft looking in and then found themselves in the middle of the action at the end of the first round.

It's very possible that we won't know the entirety of how the Golden State Warriors went from being without a pick to ending up with Nemanja Nedovic, but here's what we do know for now (and it's simpler than it seemed as it all unfolded).

  • The Warriors acquired the 26th pick (Andre Roberson) and Malcolm Lee from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for cash and a 2014 second round pick.
  • The Warriors then traded the 26th pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 29th pick and cash.
  • The Warriors then traded the 29th pick (Archie Goodwin) and Malcolm Lee to the Phoenix Suns for the 30th pick (Nedovic).

So what does all of that mean going forward?

  • First, as Tim Kawakami has already written, the moves show how aggressive this front office is willing to be. After years of Chris Cohan, that's a positive to me regardless of whether Nedovic ever pans out.
  • This is a low-risk move that offers the Warriors another point or combo guard option to look at in summer league. (Update: Marcus Thompson reports that there are both a buyout and national team commitments to work out before Nedovic is cleared to play for summer league.)
  • By acquiring a pick in this draft, the Warriors are now free to trade their pick in next year's draft if they so please. For those with an eye on big splashy moves this summer or next, that's big for trade flexibility. Update: see comment below about Ted Stepien rule.
  • While there were plenty of posts and guards on the board when the Warriors picked at 30th, they must've felt that those guys wouldn't have contributed much. And considering the track record of second round picks - with apologies to Draymond Green - the reality is that the opportunity cost here was probably relatively low.

Beyond that, we'll have to wait and see how this guy looks in summer league up against the other top prospects from this draft class and with his Warriors' summer league teammates.

Undrafted rookies available for summer league as well?

As J-Ridah has already pointed out, the following players that we've already discussed around the site have gone undrafted:

And obviously there are many other potential Kent Bazemores out there waiting to make an impression on someone during summer league.

For now, I'm going to take a step back and try to process all of this - the first round was by far the weirdest I've witnessed as a NBA fan - but give the draft grade poll below your best shot.

For more on Nedovic and the Warriors' draft, visit our 2013 NBA Draft storystream.

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