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NBA Free Agency rumors: Who are the early suitors for Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack?

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While the Golden State Warriors will open free agency by courting Dwight Howard, Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack will be exploring what other opportunities are available.


Putting aside the unfolding Dwight Howard saga and rumors of David Lee trade offers, we kick off the free agency period that began last night at 9 p.m. with a look at teams that might have interest in Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack as well some other notes around the marketplace.

Most of these links were gathered over the weekend so it's quite likely that things have changed a bit overnight before this got posted. Feel free to drop additional links or insights in the comments or expound upon the latest news in a fan post.

We'll try to stay up to date on Warriors-related free agent news, but Jason Walker of SBN's Peachtree Hoops has posted a free agent signing board where you can keep track of all the comings and goings of free agents this offseason and you should

For more on Landry in free agency visit his offseason storystream here and for more on Jack visit his offseason storystream here.