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Today's avalanche of tantalizing rumors and sordid innuendo are deserving of their very own thread. Talk about free agency signings, trade rumors, Dwight Howard paparazzi-ing, making fun of the Lakers and Knicks, fake trades, movies you've enjoyed recently — whatever you want, anything goes. I'll try to keep things updated for awhile as they come in.

From Woj:

Oklahoma City has begun an aggressive pursuit of Philadelphia free-agent guard Dorell Wright, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Wright, 27, averaged 9.2 points in 72 games for the Sixers a season ago. The Thunder are working to stay below the luxury tax threshold this season, searching for bargain contributors able to spread the floor and make shots. The return of Kevin Martin to the Thunder appears unlikely, unless the market for him dries up completely and he has to return at a far lower rate than he's trying to find, league sources said.

MTII on Warriors/Howard:

“Are you kidding?” one source said. “He’s the best center in the game.”

Rusty Simmons on Warriors/Howard, but also some Jarrett Jack intrigue:

The Warriors are also open to doing a sign-and-trade deal with Jack if it's obvious that they can't convince him to stay in a place where he'll get less money and fewer minutes.

This kid has been killing it on Twitter — staking out the Dwight meeting hotel and scooping even the best NBA scribes:

More MTII, this time on Jarrett Jack:

Warriors management met with point guard Jarrett Jack on Saturday, according to league sources, to begin discussions to re-sign the free agent...

If the Warriors lose Jack, a couple sources said Darren Collison is on the list of possible replacements. The one hurdle: Golden State may only have the bi-annual exception to offer. That amounts to about two years, $5 million. Is that enough to get Collison?

Meanwhile, the Pelicans may have lost their damned minds:

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