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Golden State Warriors 2012-2013 Season Review: Richard Jefferson- Is the end near?

The Richard Jefferson era is over- at least in the Bay Area.

RJ Nets no more.
RJ Nets no more.

This past season Richard Jefferson put up career lows all across the board. He was down in minutes, points, rebounds, and assists.

3.1ppg, 1.5rpg, and 0.6apg in only 10 minutes across 56 games down. I wish I could point to some big playoff outburst from the old vet, but that didn't happen either. Part of me wishes Coach Mark Jackson gave RJ more minutes in the playoffs and less burn to the insanity that is Draymond Green's game, but shoot it's not like it's 2004- or even 2010 for that matter.

I hate to wonder, but will next season with the Utah Jazz be RJ's last in the NBA? If so, I hope people remember the New Jersey Nets RJ and not the one who was somewhat of a bust signing with the San Antonio Spurs or the solution to the Warriors Stephen Jackson 2.0 nightmare.

If you remember, it wasn't too long ago when Jefferson had a legitimate claim to a Big 3 alongside Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. Yes you could even call him a star:

Well if there is a RJ comeback next season it won't be happening in Oakland. You know, I feel quite comfortable with the chances that this doesn't happen in Salt Lake either. Sorry SLC Dunk.

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