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Andre Iguodala Press Conference Highlights: Steph Curry, the second coming

Andre Iguodala was officially introduced as a Golden State Warriors Thursday afternoon. I posted some of the notable stuff he said.

Jasper Juinen

Andre Iguodala sat down for about a half-hour press conference to be officially named as a Golden State Warrior, but what he had to say was said days before. As we all now know, Iguodala spurned offers from other teams, one more year from Denver and more money from Sacramento, to sign a 4 year-$48 million contract with Bob Myers and the Dubs.

Some highlights (all words are paraphrased unless stated otherwise with a quote):

  • Bob Myers is sporting a beard I wish I could grow: scraggly, unshaven and looking like a person who hasn't slept in weeks.
  • Myers didn't think this was going to happen on Wednesday night before the trade went down. But Iguodala's agent didn't let him give up. About 50 phone calls and 9 hours later, it was possible. Spent 14-15 hours on July 4th talking to Iguodala's agent to get it done.
  • Myers: "Andre wanted to play for us. Hardest thing I've ever done in the NBA. It was on lIfe support 15 times." Talks about how Iguodala is second only to LeBron at finishing at the rim, great person, community-drive man, well-respected, and ultimately, the "missing piece" to the team.
  • Andre Iguodala on what he learned about the Warriors in the postseason: Fed off the crowd even though he was on the opposing team. Recognized that the Warriors were the only team that gave the Spurs trouble in the playoffs.
  • Iguodala then tells a story about a young Harrison Barnes that didn't recognize who Iguodala was at a shootaround. Barnes' mom had to tell him who Iguodala was when he said he was an agent. Calls Barnes a goofball and a hard worker.
  • Singles out Klay Thompson as a great shooter, David Lee and Andrew Bogut as two high-IQ big men, and Stephen Curry as the second coming of Jesus Christ, the most loved man on Earth.
  • Iguodala: I have a dry sense of humor. My favorite shows are Curb Your Enthusiasm and Big Bang Theory.
  • Iguodala goes on to talk about his impact on the game and how the box score numbers don't accurately indicate how he plays. States that the team can go big or small with no problems.
  • "I can play defense in my sleep". "Looking forward to a lot of 12-11-11 nights". Sounds pretty good.
  • More from Myers, who seemed incredibly excited about the addition of Iguodala on its face level but also what it meant for the organization: I didn't have to sell Iguodala on anything. It's great to sit across from an elite player with many options and to hear him say you are part of an organization that he wants to be apart of. Huge transcendent moment in organization.
  • Iguodala winds down the press conference by telling a story how he, Curry and Kevin Durant worked out every night during the 2010 FIBA Tournament overseas.
  • "I know these guys too well. I don't know why" - Iguodala.
In conclusion, Andre Iguodala appears to be a great pickup in the short and long-term. Though this is the first time a star player has chosen to come to the Warriors out of his own free will, it appears it won't be the last. This press conference also reinforced the fact that he appears to be a very self-aware person: talking at length about the core of the team, and how he took into account off-court (business ventures) and on-court measures to choose this team.

And don't discount what Iguodala said at the end of the interview about his hangouts with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. Isn't that how the Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh thing started?

For a great read, check out Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News' interview with Joe Lacob.

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