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Press Conference Links: Today is Andre Iguodala day. I'd buy that for a 'dala!

After watching the press conference live earlier this afternoon, I caaaaaaaan't waaaaaaaaait for the season to start! October and training camp is just soooooooooo far away from now. Can you tell I'm exciiiiiited?

Here's a bunch of stuff from today. Enjoy!

Andre Iguodala Day

- Stuff from the press conference.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors find 'missing piece of the puzzle' in Andre Iguodala
Monte Poole: Poole: Warriors GM Myers in the spotlight
Ray Ratto: Is Iguodala the missing piece to Warriors' puzzle?
Mindi Bach: Hard work brought Andre Iguodala to the Warriors blog: How Iguodala Became A Warrior

- Warriors audio.


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