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Warriors vs. Wizards: Summer League recap, because you care

If you're reading this, I pray for you all.

Ronald Martinez

The Golden State Warriors roster hopefuls played a Summer League game earlier today and calling it a "game" was up to interpretation. There were travels, clanks, bricks, broken-down plays, dropped passes, and did I mention misses? But besides that, it was fun to watch basketball again, though it doesn't help that the lasting images of LeBron James and Tim Duncan made this seem like a glorified practice scrimmage—or a college basketball game.

The Warriors set the record for the lowest scoring output in Summer League history, a far cry from the days of Anthony Morrow, Marco Belinelli, Anthony Randolph and Klay Thompson. The team shot an abysmal 25.9 percent from the field but the 31 free-throw attempts helped them squeeze out a win over the Jan Vesely ( I guess?) led Wizards. But the micro-statistical production isn't as important as the grand scheme of Draymond Green and the two roster candidates. Here's a quick look at how they fared in the first Summer League game.

Of course, this all comes with the caveat that we shouldn't overreact to anything that happens. Structure and coaching play a big role in NBA basketball and this has and won't have any of that. (White Mamba on the sideline!)

Stats found here.

Player highlights:

Draymond Green:

Green looked like he lost about 15 pounds in the offseason, and although not exactly as chiseled as Harrison Barnes, appeared much more spry off the dribble and on defense. He made his standard array of rebounds, box-outs and flying elbows, sealing the win with several defensive stands and six straight free throws. Green started strong with a made 3 but ended up shooting 1-9 with six turnovers. The 14 free throws were indicative of his attacking ability but less important when considering that's unlikely to become a part of his game. A standard Green game, through and through.

Scott Machado:

There were flashes but too often, they ended with him sprawled on the floor as the opposing team went the other way. Machado struggled to shoot and run the offense, although everyone else did as well. As a player looking to crack the roster, it wasn't a good start, especially with Nemanja Nedovic's signing and Toney Douglas' pending acquisition. There's still plenty of time for the second-year guard from Iona and he played hard throughout, bodying up on defense and attacking relentlessly despite his shooting woes.

Kent Bazemore:

By far the best player on the floor, he brought his usual stalwart defense to the game (shutting down Otto Porter) and playing some nice minutes at the point guard positions. He displayed his versatility by guarding forwards on one end and throwing POCKET PASSES on the other. The shot is still a bit inconsistent and his handling still suspect, but there's enough there to warrant rotation minutes. Keep in mind that the Warriors aren't relying on Bazemore to provide them 15-20 minutes—making this Summer League a rarity in that these players aren't expected to become stars. He will have his flaws but his versatility and defense makes him crucial to the team's bench.

Other notables:


Check back next game on Monday at 5:30 p.m. against the Sacramento Kings.

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