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NBA free agency links: Dwight Howard's decision coming, Golden State Warriors clearing cap room, L.A. Lakers open to sign-and-trade

Although it was a holiday for most of us, the Warriors were hard at work.

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers is working on locking up that Executive of the Year award early this season.
Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers is working on locking up that Executive of the Year award early this season.

Today is (supposedly) the day we'll find out Dwight Howard's decision and either move on or rejoice, depending on both the outcome and where you stand about him joining the Golden State Warriors.

But just yesterday, things got simultaneously more complicated and intriguing with news that that the Warriors are looking to trade away some of their large contracts to clear cap room for Howard.

For those of you that were out enjoying the weather yesterday instead of keeping up with the latest NBA free agency gossip, the following is a quick rundown of the big news.

Has Howard's camp indicated that the Warriors are his first choice? With the Warriors embarking upon what amounts to a clearance sale, James Park of Sheridan Hoops raises the question of whether the Warriors have gotten assurances from Howard's camp that he'll sign if they do their part to clear the cap room.

The Lakers are open to making a sign-and-trade deal if he decides to leave: Many folks around GSoM already assumed that the Los Angeles Lakers' stance against making a sign-and-trade was a smokescreen. Last night, Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN reported that the Lakers are in fact willing to consider sign and trades if indeed Howard chooses to leave. That's obviously most significant to the Warriors, who were the only team to meet with Howard who are (currently) not close to having enough cap room to sign him, but the Houston Rockets are also reportedly exploring the possibility of a sign and trade.

How does Jose Calderon fit into the picture for the Warriors? We don't even know whether Howard will sign with the Warriors, but news that Jose Calderon would be interested in playing with him is certainly interesting.

Calderon just rejected an offer from the Sacramento Kings and would apparently still consider returning to the Detroit Pistons. But if the Warriors signed or traded for Howard, would Calderon consider coming as well?

The Mavs are quietly going about their business: Mark Cuban is among the most visible owners in all of U.S. professional sports, but Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas is reporting that the Dallas Mavericks aren't going to get all caught up in making public displays of affection for Dwight Howard.

Random tweet: Totally random.

Former Warriors in the news: Marco Belinelli signed with the San Antonio Spurs. Always nice to see Warriors draft picks pan out...elsewhere... or something.

And just for good measure:

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