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Dwight to the Houston Rockets, what now for Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors didn't go all-in for Dwight Howard, and it showed as their team is as good as ever, all without trading or signing the mercurial seven-footer.

Kevin C. Cox

Here you go:

The Golden State Warriors are officially out of the running for Dwight Howard as he will sign with the Houston Rockets, according to Sam Amick.

What does this all mean for the Dubs? Well, not much. It appeared that Bob Myers didn't go all-out in his pursuit, like the way he did—on a lower level—for Deandre Jordan a couple years back. The infamous amnesty of Charlie Bell to overpay a player that was always out of reach. Instead, he acquired Andre Iguodala in a series of trades, got some trade exceptions back—which bodes well for flexibility in the future—and constructed a versatile roster that's contending with or without a make-or-break Dwight signing.

As of right now, without any more moves, the starting lineup would include Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Lee and Bogut with Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and filler players like Kent Bazemore and Namanja Nedovic coming off the bench.

The questions should turn from "How much did the Warriors give up?" to "How will these pieces fit in for the future?"

For one, the Warriors gave up a couple first-round picks but they've shown the ability to trade or buy into the late first round with relative ease; and those picks will presumably be slated late because the Warriors are a potential top-5 Western Conference team. I know it's hard to comprehend but Bob Myers, Jerry West and Joe Lacob should be considered more than competent management people at this point.

A Dwight trade would have caused the Warriors to give up Bogut, Klay and some combination of Lee or Barnes but since it didn't happen, we will never know who Myers really felt was expendable.

As for Bogut's feelings, it's best to assume that a player that gave up alcohol for his ankle inury, played through pain and cortisone shots in a postseason while shutting down Tim Duncan, and mentally strong enough to withstand terrible threats on Twitter can understand the business side of basketball.

Getting Dwight Howard would be nice but the Warriors are set up nicely this season and the future. The Warriors are set up to win now but Thompson and Barnes will be in their 2nd and 3rd years, respectively. Curry is just starting the first season of his now-underpaid four-year deal. And we know the Warriors are fully capable of trading any contract (ahem, David Lee) to make room for another crazy offseason in 2014.

And for that, we can commend management for what should be a fun-filled 2013-14 season, and what an amazing and strange feeling it is.

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