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Golden State Warriors Acquisition Flow Chart 2013 Offseason: New Week, New Thread

It turns out we've got a lot to say... so keep talking! We know how we got here - but do we know where we're going?

We just finished an exciting week, what with getting a commitment from Andre Iguodala, picking up Kevin Murphy, and bidding farewell to Jarrett Jack (Cleveland), Carl Landry (Sacramento), along with Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson, and Andris Biedrins. The two longest-tenured Warriors are now Stephen Curry and David Lee, followed by Klay Thompson and Andrew Bogut. To help figure out how we got here, I put together the chart above.

It's amusing to see Draymond Green' s lineage, in particular.

So J.J. Hickson is going to Denver, (ah well) and rumors abound about Monta Ellis, who hasn't put together a deal yet. Milwaukee has signed both O.J. Mayo and Carlos Delfino, so their backcourt is already getting pretty full.

What's up and new? Check in, and if you get a hot tip let us all know!

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