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2013 NBA Free Agency rumors: Warriors, Jazz, and Nuggets discussing three-way deal to facilitate Andre Iguodala signing, Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry have found new homes

If you happened to check out during the holiday weekend, a whole lot of stuff happened and everyone seems excited about the Warriors landing Andre Iguodala.

Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry have been separated and that guy in between them could also be on the move.
Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry have been separated and that guy in between them could also be on the move.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As of last night, there were somewhere around 4000 comments about the various aspects of the deal(s) that will eventually bring Andre Iguodala to the Golden State Warriors.

So we've discussed most of the ins and outs of what that means for the team - including the departure of Andris Biedrins - but just last night a new wrinkle has been added.

But we'll start at the beginning for those that were out enjoying their holiday weekend and don't feel like sifting through thousands of comments to figure things out.

Warriors trade with Utah, signing of Andre Iguodala draws high marks: Nearly 3/4 of the GSoM community graded the combined moves of the Jazz trade and signing Andre Iguodala an "A". And so far, nobody seems to differ much. Mike Prada of SB Nation acknowledged that the Warriors gave up a lot for Iguodala, but notes that, "It's much easier to find cheap replacements for Jack, Landry and Rush than it is to find someone like Iguodala, because veterans will follow Iguodala's lead and take less money to flock to a winning situation." Daniel Leroux of Real GM spends some time lamenting the Warriors' past moves that put them in the difficult situation they were in prior to the Utah trade (e.g. amnestying Charlie Bell, trading for Richard Jefferson) but also notes that they got out of it without any substantial cost.

Where the Warriors' cap situation stands after the Iguodala signing: In a separate article, Leroux followed up on some of the points he made about the Warriors' options to actually make the Iguodala signing happen once the free agent moratorium period ends on July 10. While he explores two different paths to making it happen, he ultimately determines that the Warriors' fate is in the hands of the Denver Nuggets. Luke Adams of Hoops Rumors (h/t GSoM community member Little Bobby Tables) described what a potential deal with the Nuggets would look like in more depth, concluding that it's in the Nuggets' best interest to make a trade for one of the Warriors trade exceptions.

In short, there's still quite a bit for the Warriors to figure out in order to make the Iguodala deal work.

Warriors, Nuggets and Jazz looking to turn the Iguodala deal into a three-way trade: Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reported late last night (or really this morning) that the Nuggets are in fact looking to turn this into a three-way trade that would include sending Randy Foye to Denver. The short version of what that means for the Warriors: "The sign-and-trade would give the Warriors the salary cap flexibility to sign their 2013 first-round pick, Serbian Nemanja Nedovic, and preserve the Warriors' midlevel salary exception." The details of all of that have yet to be worked out, but Woj suggests that we'll find out today and we'll see how that effects our perception of the trade.

Jarrett Jack signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers: Both Adams and Leroux explored ways in which the Warriors could pull off that Iguodala signing while also keeping Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, but those points are obviously moot now after both were signed by other teams on Saturday. Jack signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers for four years and $24 million, which is lower than some folks around here speculated he'd get when the season ended - as Conrad Kaczmarek of SB Nation's Fear the Sword has already said, it might not be a bargain for a backup guard but it's hardly a crippling deal. Bob Finnan of The News Herald reported that Mike Brown was the reason Jack chose Cleveland over any other team pursuing him.

Carl Landry reunites with Michael Malone, Sacramento Kings: Carl Landry's decision to sign with the Kings was interesting for two reasons. This will be the third different team with which he'll be playing for former Warriors assistant Mike Malone, who he described as, " of the better coaches in the league" in an article by Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee. Aykis16 of SBN's Sactown Royalty does a pretty good job of breaking down the move for the Kings, including a look at why Landry could be a more productive contributor for them this time.

Warriors interested in Jermaine O'Neal: Can you believe he's been around for 17 years? That makes it hard to say how productive he can be next season, but the Warriors are apparently interested (h/t GSoM community member Stephen Curry).

Read more here:

Free agent signing board: So what's left for the Warriors? Mentioned this before, but SBN's Peachtree Hoops has the updated free agent signing board where you can keep up with who's already signed and who is still looking for a new home.

Darren Collison signs with the Los Angeles Clippers: One guy the Warriors were reportedly interested in was Darren Collison, but the Clippers grabbed him first. Lucas Hann of SBN's Clips Nation says that, "The Clippers are really, really solid on the perimeter now. What they need to do in the coming days is add some quality backup big men." With Landry taken, one of their targets is off the market.

Monta Ellis' search for a new team continues: It's probably fair to say that Monta Ellis expected to find more success on the free agent market than he has thus far, but he has the Nuggets, Atlanta Hawks and most recently Kings interested in him. And it's gotten quite complicated, as ESPN's Marc Stein has described.

Random tweets: Happy Belated Birthday, Jim Barnett!

Orlando Pro Summer League is underway along with Jason Kidd's coaching career: Bay Area basketball legend Jason Kidd coached his first game in Orlando yesterday and picked up a technical. Yes, it was summer league. Maybe it will help players know that he cares?

More reaction to Dwight Howard: We've used plenty of pixels discussing Dwight Howard around here and I wanted to avoid it today, but two articles in particular are worth your time to read. Wojnarowski outlined what the Houston Rockets gave Howard that the L.A. Lakers didn't: unconditional love. Ramona Shelburne of ESPN rote about what the Howard saga means for the Lakers as they continue their search for a star to eventually take the reigns from Kobe Bryant.

As usual, we'll have more links up tomorrow if need be but feel free to drop additional links that you find throughout the day in the comments or make a fan post if you have longer thoughts you want to share.

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