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Stephen Curry Receives 8th Most Votes for ESPN MVP Prediction

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Here's the link to the ESPN MVP forecast:

Predictably (no pun intended), the top 5 were:

  1. LeBron James (353 votes)
  2. Kevin Durant (218)
  3. Chris Paul (96)
  4. Derrick Rose (26)
  5. James Harden (15)

Others receiving votes were Dwight Howard (12), Melo (9), Curry (6), Paul George (5), Tony Parker (4), Kyrie Irving (2), and Tim Duncan (1).

You might have also seen the Chris Broussard article (ESPN In$ider) touting Stephen Curry (along with Deron Williams) as potential dark horse MVP candidates. That wasn't solely based on his opinion, but some opinion around the league. For example:

An assistant coach on one of the league's top teams thinks so.
"Name two guys who had a better playoff than him," the coach said. "He was killing guys. If Curry stays healthy [this season] -- and with Andre Iguodala there to guard the opponent's most difficult offensive guard -- he could lead the league in scoring. He already had incredible confidence, but now that he's done it, this year will be different for him. Now he knows he's better than a lot of guys. He'll definitely make the All-Star team. And the Warriors have improved their team. I'd definitely throw him in as an MVP candidate."

This is all pretty heady stuff, when you think about where Curry was just last summer with people questioning whether it was a mistake to sign him to an extension early. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, but his contract looks like one of the more unbelievable bargains in the entire league. Think about the fact that Curry is now being talked about as a candidate for MVP with the likes of a Deron Williams who just a few years ago, most of us would have not thought twice about trading Curry to get in a Warriors jersey.

And seriously, if you had told me last summer that Stephen Curry would garner more votes for MVP in 2014 than Dwyane Wade (exactly 0 in this ESPN poll), I would've assumed you were joking. Man, how times have changed for this franchise.

You have to love the trajectory we are on. As my bizness (MBA-types) friends like to say, "Up and to the right!" That's where we seem to be headed.