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SB Nation-NBA theme day preview: Golden State Warriors "What ifs"

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For the second SB Nation-NBA theme day of 2013, the network will discuss "What ifs": pivotal moments in the franchise's history that almost happened and would've changed the course of history.

Stephen Dunn

About a month ago, OkayJay81 wondered what the Golden State Warriors might have done if Linsanity had happened in Oakland.

Lin was like a cult hero to many fans the second he signed with the Warriors, the pandemonium when he would enter in garbage time was kind of unreal. If he had actually blown up while Steph Curry went through his worst season as a pro dealing with multiple ankle injuries. Would the Warriors have let Lin go to Houston, would they still have decided to give Curry the early extension? Would they have still made the Bogut trade if Lin was killing it in Curry's absence?

Obviously this is all hypothetical and it would have been cool to see Lin blow up on the Warriors, but part of me thinks it might have been better for the Warriors to lose Lin when they did.

ivanbe then responded by suggesting that the theme of "Warriors What Ifs" would make an interesting summer creative writing project. When the SB Nation-NBA network began brainstorming ideas for its theme days, I suggested this one. And now here we are: tomorrow will be "What Ifs" day around the network.

The description given to sites around the NBA network is as follows:

The theme this week is "What if?" Pick a pivotal moment for your franchise from the last decade or so (it won't be interesting if all the players you're discussing are already retired) and imagine what might have happened had something gone differently. What if you'd drafted the right guy? What if the team picking in front of you had drafted the right guy and you missed out on the right guy? What if Player A hadn't gotten hurt? The best what ifs are things that almost happened, or would have happened save for one 50-50 thing.

For anyone who has been a Warriors fan since the last time they were a perennial playoff contender, the experience has been defined by misfortune perpetuated by those pivotal moments of hope that could have changed the course of history. And while the suggestion is to stick to events of the last decade for our official post, there are obviously (numerous) events over the last 20 years that could fit the theme.

So looking back over time, what do you think was the most pivotal moment that could've led to a quicker path to success had it gone a different way? What would that alternate reality look like?

Let us know in the comments or, if you have a longer commentary, feel free to write up a fan post.