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BREAKING: Seth Curry to the Warriors

Despite being undrafted and recovering from an injury, it appears big brother Steph has just enough pull to get Seth a chance in training camp. What can he do with that opportunity?

Jamie Squire

It's mid-August. Everything is breaking.

According to Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group:

Duke star Seth Curry will sign a non-guaranteed contract with Golden State on Friday. He chose the Warriors over playing in Barcelona because he has a good bead on a roster spot in Golden State’s backcourt. If not, the younger Curry is intrigued by the Warriors’ D-League team, which has built a reputation for developing players and getting them into the league.

It's unlikely he'll make the team but it'll be fun to watch, or refresh Twitter and read beat writers' reports, on how the younger brother of Steph is faring in training camp. Seth went undrafted, though unknown whether it was because of the shin injury or lack of NBA potential. What he does well is duplicated by many players already on the roster: three-point shooting. He likely lacks the wherewithal to check opposing guards but the same, to an extent, was said about Klay Thompson.

Seth played point guard and ball-handler at times for Duke, and when coached by Coach Krzyzewski, you usually become a pretty smart player on both sides of the ball. If anything, the Warriors can leave him in the D-League, unless another team steals him the way they did Ian Clark. And if that happens, that'll just add another success story to Bob Myers and Jerry West's scouting acumen.

What do you think about the signing? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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