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SB Nation-NBA theme day preview: What changes would you make if you were commissioner?

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SB Nation's first theme day topic will be "Commissioner for a Day": What changes would you make to the NBA immediately if you had the power to do so?

Patrick McDermott

It's the offseason. There isn't much NBA news. So the SB Nation-NBA network is taking it upon themselves to hold its second annual theme day series.

Last year's was a mix of weekly topics that lent themselves to more long-form essays and short lists, but this year the group has decided to shorten the list to just four themes that we'll discuss bi-weekly (including one that came directly from Golden State of Mind's comment section). The fun of last year's theme day was to see the different perspectives from various fan bases on a common topic. By reducing the number of topics (and quite frankly, eliminating some of the sillier ones) I think this year's should be even better.

Up first is "Commish for a day", which will be tomorrow. The description that SB Nation's writers were given is as follows:

We want you to imagine what you would do if you were the NBA Commissioner and your powers were virtually unlimited (you know, like a less powerful David Stern). Would you change some rules? Why? Would you expand? Would you contract? What is wrong with the NBA that you would fix?

But before we get around to answering that questions, we'd like to open things up to the GSoM community: what would you do if you had the full powers of NBA Commissioner for a day? Is there anything that would specifically help the Golden State Warriors?

Feel free to leave your initial thoughts in the comments, but consider writing up a fan post if you feel yourself pressing that return key more than once (copy and paste is your friend folks) - there's no problem dropping a link back in the comments here.

In somewhat related news, there are 12 weeks until the NBA's opening day.