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SB Nation theme day preview: Which former Golden State Warriors player would you want to bring back in their prime?

SB Nation's final theme day will revolve around hypothetically bringing back a former player in their prime to add to the current roster.

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Tomorrow, the SB Nation-NBA network will be discussing its final theme day of the offseason (which is coming to a close!): Which player from your franchise would you want to bring back in their prime?

The description is as follows:

Wednesday, Sept. 18, is "Bring Back a Player Day" in which you get to bring back a player in his prime to add to your current roster. So let's see, the Bulls could use a good shooting guard, have they ever had any of those that were any good?

Seriously though, get creative. It's easy enough to bring back the best player in franchise history, but how would he fit? Does your roster need a role player as opposed to another superstar?

As an example, the first player that came to mind when I thought about this theme day in the abstract was Chris Webber, in no small part because he was a topic of discussion for the "Biggest Hype" and "What If" theme days. But as good as Webber was in his prime, would he be the best fit for this team of any former Golden State Warriors player? What player would be a better fit? Might there be a lesser player whose skill set would obviously fit with the personnel the team currently has (assuming no trades)?

State your opinion in the comments below and feel free to write up a fanpost if you have a specific idea to elaborate on.

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