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ESPN's Sherwood Strauss on Iguodala

Nice article on ESPN on how criminally underrated Iguodala has been over the last several years.

@andre at his introductory press conference
@andre at his introductory press conference

Ethan Sherwood Strauss has a nice, complimentary article up about the Warrior's major offseason acquisition up on the truehoop blog.

Then the Sixers traded him to Denver for the concept of Andrew Bynum. Despite losing Arron Afflalo in the deal, the Nuggets went from a 47-win lockout pace to a franchise record 57 wins. The Sixers trudged to the lottery, trampling Doug Collins’ soul in the process.

Denver was 20th in defensive efficiency before Iguodala arrived and 11th when he left. Philadelphia was third in defensive efficiency in Iguodala’s last season there. Last season, they sunk to 15th.

Read the whole article here.

There's not a whole lot here which will be news to GSOMers, although it's always nice to see the Warriors get this sort of attention on the national stage. It's amazing what happens when you win a playoff series.

Sherwood Strauss's last major article about a Warrior, which advocated trading David Lee, did not go over so well on GSOM, and led to a conversation which spilled over onto Twitter with pro writers and fans taking a few potshots at each other. I, uh, might be partially responsible for that. Sorry.

But no such fireworks are likely to erupt this time. It's a nice article.

It's definitely interesting to speculate how good we could be on defense. Top 10? Top 5? Everyone's optimistic in the preseason. If @andre and Bogut can stay healthy, what's the ceiling?

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