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Mark Jackson Pre-preseason Interview - 9/24/2013 + Rapid Fire with Draymond Green

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Tuesday 9/24/2013

- With Tweedia Day coming up on Friday, Mark Jackson is most likely the last pre-preseason interview we'll get. Also, it's Draymond Green's turn to face Rapid Fire. Plus Stephen Curry went on 3 different radio shows on Friday. The Soundcloud version of the Mark Jackson interview is a full 30 min long.

That should be quite a bit of stuff to hold us over until Friday. But you know what I'll say tomorrow? IT'S STILL NOT ENOUGH!

- Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News rounded up the father/son combos of Stephen Curry + Dell Curry and Klay Thompson + Mychal Thompson to sit together and talk about all sorts of basketball stuff. You can watch the video or read the transcript. AND IT'S STILL NOT ENOUGH!
Daniel Brown: Exclusive: Warriors Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson sit down with NBA dads

- has a list of ways you can participate in Tweedia Day, plus the link to the stream page. blog: Connect with the Warriors on Tweedia Day Tweedia Day Livestream

- Previous videos from this month.

Wednesday 9/25/2013

- Looks like I was wrong about Mark Jackson being last. Bob Myers stepped up to the mic both on the radio and at the practice facility. Also, Marc Spears talked about the Warriors and other Western Conference teams.

Preseason Schedule
Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Fri Sept 27 1:00 PM Tweedia Day
Sat Oct 5 7:00 PM @Lakers KNBR 680 AM
Mon Oct 7 7:30 PM Kings KNBR 680 AM
Tue Oct 8 6:00 PM @Jazz KNBR 680 AM
Tue Oct 15 4:30 AM @Lakers (Beijing, China)
Fri Oct 18 4:30 AM Lakers (Shanghai, China)
Wed Oct 23 7:00 PM @Kings KNBR 680 AM
Thu Oct 24 7:30 PM Trail Blazers KNBR 680 AM

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