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Warriors Tweedia Day 2013 at 1pm: 'Tis the season to get hyphy!

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Tweedia Day 2013!

For the rest of the world, it's just another Friday of the year. For us Warriors fans, it's Christmas time! And under the tree are our presents filled with depth, talent, and combinations of strategies. The biggest present of all is the box that says 112-0.

Wait, did I say 112? Yes I did! 7 Summer League + 7 preseason + 82 regular season + 16 playoff wins = total domination of the league! This is the season to get hyphy!

First off, it's Tweedia Day, and the live stream is right here! Tweedia Day Livestream

Thursday 9/26/2013

Thursday's update - Summer League shoulda-been MVP Kent Bazemore gets hit with a bunch of questions in the Rapid Fire room. This will be the last time I post these videos. 'Cuz after Tweedia Day, it's down to training camp bidness.

Tweedia Day Audio

- The Warriors uploaded all of the Tweedia Day audio onto Soundcloud.

Preseason Schedule
Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Sat Oct 5 7:00 PM @Lakers KNBR 680 AM
Mon Oct 7 7:30 PM Kings KNBR 680 AM
Tue Oct 8 6:00 PM @Jazz KNBR 680 AM
Tue Oct 15 4:30 AM @Lakers (Beijing, China)
Fri Oct 18 4:30 AM Lakers (Shanghai, China)
Wed Oct 23 7:00 PM @Kings KNBR 680 AM
Thu Oct 24 7:30 PM Trail Blazers KNBR 680 AM

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