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SB Nation-NBA theme day preview: Who came to the Golden State Warriors with the most hype?

In advance of SB Nation's theme day tomorrow, we want to know who you think came to the Golden State Warriors with the most hype.

For the third SB Nation-NBA theme day, sites around the network will discuss who they feel are the "most hyped" players, according to the following description:

This is a chance to write about the player that came into your franchise with the most hype, either as a rookie or a free agent signing or however -- and whether or not he lived up to that hype. Was a pretty good player never embraced by the fans because he didn't live up to expectations? Or did he proceed to meet and exceed those expectations?

As Golden State Warriors fans who dealt with years of losing before the recent revival, hype has usually ended up being more superficial than a sign of good fortune. But before we write up our opinion, which players do you think are candidates as the most hyped to come into the organization? Did you think the hype was warranted as it was happening? Or was it obviously hollow?

Feel free to discuss in the comments and Tony.psd will provide an artistic interpretation of the topic tomorrow.

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