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Golden State Warriors vs. Denver Nuggets game thread: The demolition will not be televised

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The undefeated Golden State Warriors will face the 1-3 Denver Nuggets in an untelevised preseason affair.

Doug Pensinger
Wells Fargo Arena - Des Moines, IA
5 p.m. PDT
TV/Radio: None (?)
Buddy blog: Denver Stiffs

Steve Kerr is off to a good start as a coach - winning the first three pseudo-real games (how exactly would we characterize summer league games?) of his coaching career, although two came against a pseudo-NBA team from L.A.

Tonight, Kerr leads the Warriors into Des Moines, IA for a game against the Denver Nuggets. It will be their fourth preseason game and homecoming of sorts for Harrison Barnes who probably has quite a bit to prove this season. Tommy Birch of The Des Moines Register gives you the Iowa perspective of things for tonight's game, but most significant to us is probably still that Barnes got his first start of this season in Sunday's win against the L.A. Lakers. It's unfortunate that we won't be able to actually see the results of tonight's game, but Barnes' follow-up performance after his first start -- as well as how Andre Iguodala fits into Kerr's vision -- would certainly be the big things to watch.

Anyway, if you're following along with the game somehow, join us in the comments below...and hopefully revel in another victorious outing because wins are good no matter when they come.