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A call for new writers

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Interested in writing about the Warriors with us this season? Follow the simple directions below.

As the new season begins, Golden State of Mind is looking for passionate Warriors fans to help us with covering previews and recaps.

To apply, send me an email with a brief explanation of why you're interested in writing about the Warriors, what you'd bring to our staff and a brief writing sample in response to either of the following questions that you might hypothetically submit for publishing (or both, if you so please):

  • Team Monta or Team Steph?
  • What was your favorite moment of the Mark Jackson era?
  • What is the biggest question for the Warriors going into the 2014-15 season and why?

Of course, we'd love to have people who listened closely to all of their elementary school teachers' sentence diagramming lessons and write pristine prose, but what we really want to see is passion, (tasteful) humor, and an ability to organize and defend ideas. There are no right answers or expectations of needing to be optimistic or pessimistic about things (you've probably noticed that our current staff runs the gamut in that regard) but originality is certainly preferred.

If you're already an active member of our community, please include your user name as well so I know who you are. And if you've previously written FanPosts here, definitely let me know so I can look back at those. If you want to submit your writing sample as a FanPost for others in the community to respond to, feel free to do so and just shoot me an email with the link.

And last, even if you don't want to write for GSoM you're free to respond to either of those questions in the comments here or in a FanPost. There's always plenty to discuss about the Warriors.