Ranking the Warriors Assets- Countdown to #1 (a series). Part 8: The Black Falcon comes back down to Earth (and the 8th cut).

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First of all, thank you for participating.

The idea of this series is to alleviate massive amounts of boredom and to encourage some healthy Warriors-related basketball discussions by debating the merits of each one of the Warriors current assets, eliminating one asset per poll, from worst to first. Only guaranteed contracts and our 2015 first round pick are included.

I feel like I you an apology. I had written 900 or so words of this FanPost last Wednesday, and my computer crashed. I just haven't had the time (nor the gumption) to write it all again. And it was glorious. There's no way I can capture that kind of magic twice in a row. I'm no Antawn Jamison. I seriously doubt I go for 50 on back to back posts. So I'm afraid this article will be an exercise in futility, much like Harrison Barnes' second season. Hopefully, this Grand Marnier with Sierra Mist will help.

After receiving 51% (388 out of 758 votes) of the votes, the former lottery pick edged out Brandon Rush (341 votes/45%) in our closest contest to date. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that a FanPost actually garnered 758 votes, which seems incredible for a section that is usually a ghost town since SB Nation changed the format. Hopefully I can get a more lively debate in future installments, since we apparently have some interest in the series.

Before we move on to the next cut, let's review where we are so far. We started with 14 players and a first round pick, totally 15 assets to be ranked. Here's the rankings so far:

15) Nemanja Nedovic

14) Ognjen Kuzmic

13) Marreese Speights

12) Leandro Barbosa

11) Festus Ezeli

10) 2015 First Round Pick

9) Harrison Barnes

No surprise that the #7 pick in the 2012 draft was in the middle of another controversial decision. After the Warriors tanked in epic fashion to draft Barnes, Evanz wrote a piece on the merits of starting Rush or Barnes. GsoM community was similarly split, with Barnes edging out Rush 49% to 41%, with 10% not caring who got the nod. Barnes would start the season, and started 81 games for the Warriors, and Rush got injured in the second game of the season.

A season later, Harry had an overwhelming approval rate. After a rookie season that saw the Black Falcon put up per 36 numbers of 13.1 points and 5.8 rebounds on .526 TS%, he upped those numbers to 15.1/6 on .544 TS% in the playoffs against the Nuggets and Spurs. Andy Liu asked GSoM to grade Barnes' season, and 50% of voters gave him an "A", 47% gave him a "B", and 4% gave him a "C". I know that's 101%, and that's what it seemed like at the time, though 4 people (out of 1,331) DID give him a "D" or "F".

So how exactly does a player go from a 101% approval rate to the #9 asset?

It all started when Bob Myers traded Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush, and every second round pick for all of eternity to the Utah Jazz, somehow turning that pile of expiring contracts into former All Star and defensive ace Andre Iguodala. Iguodala was sure to start, but there was plenty of speculation as to whether Barnes or Thompson would become the Warriors next 6th man. And then it happened. Exactly one year ago today, during the Warriors second preseason game (October 7th, 2013), Harrison Barnes injured his left foot. Klay Thompson solidified his role as a starter, and became 20% of the best starting lineup in the league.

Barnes, on the other hand, never seemed to adjust to his role as the go to guy off the bench. He still played most of his minutes with the starters, and he increased his minutes total from 2,058 to 2,204. His scoring, rebounding, and efficiency plummeted to the tune of (per 36) 12.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, and a ghastly .486 TS%. Some of Barnes' apologists blamed the injury, while others blamed the move to the bench, and his critics pointed to his mediocre collegiate career. No matter which direction you pointed from, everyone pointed to an awful season for Harrison Barnes.

As I finish my Grand Marnier, I'd like to lift the last drink to Harrison Barnes. May the Black Falcon soar once more! Here's to a great 2014-15 season, Mr. Barnes! He seems like an intelligent man with an excellent work ethic, and he's oozing with potential. If he can turn his career around, he could be a top 5 asset for our beloved Warriors. If not, he may be destined to take his talents to China.

I mentioned that Brandon Rush received 341 votes for least valuable remaining asset. Others receiving votes were David Lee (12), Shaun Livingston (11), Stephen Curry (3), Klay Thompson (2), and Draymond Green (1).

Which brings us to the next selection! Remember to consider skill, contract, injuries, need, and anything else you find valid in your reasoning. Also keep in mind that your vote is for the LEAST valuable asset TO THE WARRIORS. This time, pretty please, with sugar on top, voice the reason for your opinion in the comment thread following your vote, so that we can engage in a healthy debate. I certainly would love to read the reasoning behind the votes. Any post with more than 700 votes should really have more than 30 comments. Or, give the post a rec, so it gets on the front page where all the action is.

And thanks again for your participation. Hopefully I won't take so long with the next installment! I have a sneaking suspicion that this poll will be an easy one. Things should get interesting after this though...

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