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Steve Kerr gets win in preseason debut; Warriors win 112-94

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Win. Good.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

In their first preseason game in Steve Kerr's tenure, the Golden State Warriors came out with a brand new offense, slinging passes from all angles of the court, finding open corner threes after misdirection pick-and-rolls and pinpoint passes. Ha. None of that happened. Which isn't to say that it's an especially awful thing. NBA preseason starts way too early in the team-building process. The coaches barely have any time to implement their schemes before having all of it thrown into the fire against the Blake Griffins of the world.

The usual caveats apply when discussing preseason basketball: all about the process, everything I said in the graf above, players are still getting into game shape, and new things are tried by veteran players (think a pitcher tinkering with a new grip on a slider). I didn't catch a chunk of the second half so I'll keep this short (thanks, Giants).

Leftover Observations:

1. The first sequence was a Klay Thompson deflection on Chris Paul resulting into an isolation post-up and fadeaway clank on the other end. I mean, the irony just writes itself.

2. Harrison Barnes was the first substitute to come off the bench in place of Andre Iguodala. Nothing happened.

3. Leandro Barbosa checked in after and was decent in his stint as the main backup point guard. It appears as if Iguodala won't be used as the main facilitator with the bench unit, especially once Shaun Livingston returns.

4. Andrew Bogut was phenomanel and the best player on the floor for the Warriors. He started with the ball in the post, pinch post, and on the of the key. In all positions he was set up not to score but to rotate the ball around by either setting a butt screen (jutting your behind out as your teammates rubs by you) and dishing it to cutting players. There was even a made 15-footer and half-hook. Great start.

5. Stephen Curry stuck on Chris Paul for a bit. I know Thompson is a much better matchup for point guards but for selfish reasons, i like to watch the Warriors best players go straight up against the opposing team's best guards. It might not be practical but, hey, I'm not the coach.

6. Draymond Green needs all the run he can get, in the preseason and regular season. His jump shot was much smoother that last season's, without the rigid hitch at the top. He even sunk a pull-up jumper on the break. To supplement all of that, he guarded Blake Griffin for a bit and showed his usual strong hands and quick feet. If he can nail that three consistently? Oh boy. It's also a good sign Kerr left him in with the starters late in the second quarter.

7. Didn't get a good look at the youngsters, Nemanja Nedovic and James Michael McAdoo so I'll take your word for on it on those guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The next game is at Los Angeles against the Lakers at 7:30 Pacific Time.