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Introducing Golden State of Mind's new writers

Our new writers tell us a little something about themselves.

We had a number of enthusiastic writers apply to join our staff and had some tough decisions to make about who to add.

After a discussion earlier this week, we finally made those decisions.  You'll begin seeing some of their work today, but so I'd like you to help me welcome them into the fold. And to help us do so, I've asked each of them to give us a little insight into themselves by responding to a question: "Who is your favorite Warriors player of all-time?"

Although I'm stunned -- STUNNED, I tell you! -- and disappointed that neither Keith "Mr." Jennings nor Kent Bazemore were mentioned, I hope these help to give you some insight into some of the new personalities you'll be seeing at GSoM.

Without further ado, our new writers (in alphabetical order).

Jeff Cheal (@badiehard): Tim Hardaway

My favorite all-time Warrior: Timmy Hardaway. You never forget your first "captain", and Tim and crew were dominating the bay just as my fandom was coming around. I was always impressed by his attitude and toughness. He wanted to be the leader out there - he commanded respect from his teammates and from the opponent. Add in some trash talk, smooth game and shooting range and he was the perfect compliment. I also felt like he was the first player who, when he got hurt, really pained me to my bones. I can remember watching his first game coming back and having renewed hope, then soon after feeling even more betrayed when I had to watch him in another uniform. Baron Davis was the closest point guard with an edge that we have had since Tim left town (sorry Steph, that baby face isn't scaring anyone), and his mark stays with me to this day.

Arno Ferguson (@GSW_AF): Draymond Green

No disrespect to our old-school ballers-- I've only recently become obsessed with the Warriors (last 3 years). From that time period, Draymond Green exemplifies the characteristics I value most: grit, unselfishness, modesty, self-improvement, and oh, he's clutch. I'd like to see more of Draymond in all our players. Any team in the league would improve with Green on their squad. He won't be a hall of famer, or make an all-star game, and will always be undervalued by the vast majority of fans, but those obsessed with Dubs hoops will forever cherish what he brings to our team. I can't think of a bad thing to say about him, and he might be the only Warrior in that category.

Andrew Flohr (@flo4three): Jason Richardson

We all have that one player whose style of play and personality cemented our loyalty to that team for life. For my Dad, it was Rick Barry and his underhand free throws. Latrell Spreewell, Tim Hardaway and Chris Webber's exciting play sealed the deal for my brothers in the 90's. As for me, it would be none other than Dub Nation favorite, Jason Richardson.

The passion he played with connected with plenty of Warriors fans including myself, but did not necessarily reflect the team's overall play on the court. J-Rich was one of the few players who fans could hang their hat on in the early 2000's, as his back-to-back slam dunk championships were one of the few bright spots that received national attention for the Dubs during this time.

The biggest disappointment I felt in the first 10 years of being a Warriors fan, (outside of Mike Dunleavy, P.O.B, Ike Diogu, Gilbert Arenas, Eric Muscleman, Mike Montgomery, along with Adonal Foyle and Erick Damipier's contracts,) was when JR lost the 2004 Dunk contest to Fred Jones. I mean off the backboard, between the legs dunk, and you don't win? Come on! Regardless, I will leave you all with my personal favorite J-Rich memory: when he bounced the ball off of Carlos Boozer's shiny dome in the 2003 Rookie-Sophomore game, which he capped off by splashing a three in his distraught and confused face. Thanks for the memory, Carlos. If you have never seen this play, I highly suggest you find it on YouTube.

Chris Nielsen: Stephen Curry

At the risk of being too obvious, I'm going to say that Stephen Curry is my favorite Warrior of all time. He's one of the most unique stars in the history of the league, and his elite shooting off the dribble allows him to play the game differently than anyone else. Watching him cross a defender up and pull up for a deep three is just as exciting as a Jason Richardson breakaway dunk, a reckless Monta Ellis drive, or even an Andris Biedrins free throw. I love watching an athlete who tries things that others would not even think of, and Curry consistently makes shots that no one else would take. Night in and night out, Curry does something on a basketball court that I never could have imagined, and he has the Warriors winning while doing so, and that's why he's already my favorite Warrior of all time.

Jared Stearne (@JaredStearne): Baron Davis

While his time in Golden State was depressingly short, no one epitomized the brash, overconfident aura of that 2007 playoff team like B-Diddy. For a Golden State team that consistently found itself in the lottery blowing picks on unknown stiffs, the Warriors and their fans had no reason to be confident about anything. But when the team brought in Baron Davis, Al Harrington and Stephen "Cap'n Jack" Jackson to revitalize the squad, the Warriors went from also-ran to swag; from playing the lottery to holding the winning ticket. Golden State marched into Dallas to face the historically great 67-win Mavericks team. But not even league MVP Dirk Nowitzki could slow this train, as the Dubs cemented their legacy as one of the greatest underdogs in American history.

I was a fan long before Baron Davis came along, but no moment or player in basketball has ever made me feel the way I felt that night as the streamers rained from the Oracle Arena rafters.

And two relatively recent additions that we hadn't previously introduced:

Marcus Bass (@TheBassline): Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway was the man, and if you never tried the killer cross-over move on the playground I feel sorry for your childhood. Tim was the first to bring real edge and attitude to the Warriors. Mullins had some attitude, but it took Tim stepping in at the point to make it all come together. Run TMC was crazy. I might go too far in sharing my age, but I was still rocking adidas, had my Run DMC Raising Hell tape and was running the point in youth leagues pretending to be only two guards - Magic Johnson and Tim. It was all about Tim Hardaway, his competitive fire and leadership on the court was impressive to me. Hardaway was the perfect marriage between hip hop and the NBA. There were other players that represented that lifestyle and exuded those characteristics, but Tim's flamboyance and ability to back up his talking on the court stood out to me more than anything else.

Conrad Chow (@chowster24): Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is my all-time favorite player and it is beyond the fact that he is one of the most lethal snipers from downtown or elite point guards in the league today. I first discovered Curry in his Davidson days when I stumbled upon a picture of the bible verse, Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things..." written on his basketball shoes. After reading articles, I was inspired to witness a professional athlete give glory to God and stay humble in the midst of stardom. His success is certainly a testament to boundless confidence, persistent dedication and unwavering faith. Apart from draining threes and hitting clutch buckets, Stephen Curry resembles a man of leadership and integrity and he is READY to lead YOUR Golden State Warriors to the promise land once again!

Check out the poll below and share with us who your favorite player is in the comments!

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