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Warriors at Blazers game thread: Which team has the edge?

The Golden State Warriors face the Portland Trail Blazers tonight in a SEGABABA.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I suppose I could get more sophisticated about this game, but it's hard for me not to pay attention to the point guad matchup of Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard whenever the Golden State Warriors face the Portland Trail Blazers.

Tonight's game will be no different.

Marcus Bass has already alluded to this a bit in his preview published earlier today, but Lillard is still trying to find his rhythm this season and with him going up against Curry as his team comes off a loss he'll have plenty of motivation to come through with big game heroics. Yet if the past is any indication, facing the Warriors won't exactly be any kind of antidote for the Oakland High alum: the Mark Jackson-led defense held Lillard to a league-low 31% shooting in four games last season.

Anyway, enjoy the game and if, for whatever reason, you're not already hyped about this season, please watch this scorching hot video to help ameliorate that problem.

(Also, let's hope this game helps us forget whatever that "hiddeous" nonsense that happened in Santa Clara was).

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