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Warriors vs. Suns gamethread: Still room for improvement

The Golden State Warriors complete their weekend road trip with a meeting against the Phoenix Suns at 5 p.m. PST.

Photo by Tony.psd.

Buoyed by a top-ranked defense, the league's best shooting efficiency, and Stephen Curry's unreal scoring ability - all described succinctly by Tim Cato of SB Nation - the Golden State Warriors are 5-0 for the first time in almost exactly two decades.

However, you can hardly blame them for refusing to get caught up in their own hype, as described by Fran Blinebury of this team has a ton of potential, but there's still work to do to reach that and 77 games left for a talented Western Conference to figure out how to beat this team.

6-0 would be a nice milestone to witness - and starting the season 4-0 against the Pacific Division wouldn't be half bad either - but we're still at the point in the season where you just hope to see incremental improvements by the game no matter how good we think the team is. For today, I'd just like to see the team have a turnover rate at league average (14.1%) for the first time this season (season-low is currently 15.9% against Portland). It would be quite a leap for this team based on the last season and a half, but it would probably go a long way to getting a win against a team that probably doesn't have the weapons or depth to keep up without some help.

What improvements would you like to see? While you're trying to put the Oakland Raiders out of your mind, let us know in the comments.

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