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Warriors change San Francisco arena design

The Warriors' team of architects released updated drafts of the arena yesterday, after the original infamous "toilet arena" drafts were met with a cascade of criticism. I would say that's a good idea.

The new San Francisco arena design.
The new San Francisco arena design.
Manica Architecture rendered by steelblue

After many people ridiculed the original proposed design for the yet-to-be-constructed San Francisco arena, derisively saying that looked like a toilet, architects have scrapped that design and modified the arena blueprint.

"We're trying to flush the toilet bowl forever out of people's consciousness," Warriors arena consultant Jesse Blout said on Wednesday.

A few months ago, Manica Architecture, the architecture firm designing the arena for the Warriors, published the first designs of the San Francisco arena. It did, in fact, look like a toilet, with the oval arena and rectangular viewing deck resembling the closed lid.

So back to the drawing board they went. Yesterday, the architects released another drawing, and it doesn't look like a toilet  more like an "old Discman CD Player," wrote SFGate.

Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross reported on the specifics Wednesday:

"Gone is much of the rectangular viewing deck that, when coupled with the oval arena, gave the overhead view of the place the appearance of a giant toilet seat with the lid down. The deck has been shaved down ... dropped about 13 feet below the roof line and given a sweeping curve."

On Thursday, the team's designers will present the designs to the Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee, a neighborhood group asked by San Francisco to aid in the planning of the arena construction process, along with the view deck, dual 160-foot high office buildings, and 35,000-foot plaza (bigger than in Union Square) in the 12-acre space the team bought April from Salesforce.

This presentation is coming on the heels of an environmental impact report regarding the new arena given at a public scoping meeting on Tuesday, December 9.

David Manica, the lead architect for the arena design, said that the public feedback helped the new design come together: "This new design is the culmination of excellent community input and a commitment from this franchise to create a world-class design that San Franciscans will be proud of ... it's an ongoing process, and we will continue to involve the public as we move forward."

With the stadium not set to open until 2017 at the earliest  though more likely for the 2018-19 season  the arena designs are sure to be modified many more times. One thing should be for certain, though: The San Francisco arena will not look like a toilet.

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