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David Lee's fit on offense for the Golden State Warriors

A couple plays in summing up David Lee's effect on the offense so far.

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The Golden State Warriors are really good right now. This does two things for bloggers; either we get really bored because there's not much to complain about or we pull a Steve Kerr and find stuff to cry about. In Kerr's situation, he's 100 percent within his right considering those are his players he's coaching and he has an actual say in how the team will perform in the future. I, on the other hand, have nothing better to do than rewatch multiple games and whine about random crap. It was either the turnovers, rehash over Andrew Bogut's injury for the 50th time, or this. You are stuck with this so read it. Or not, since you already clicked it, I'm fine with whatever you're going to do next.

Here is Stephen Curry being awesome because it's an off-day. It doesn't really matter who is running the play when Curry attracts ten players to the ball wherever he is going. But Lee gets a dunk and the two connect for a bucket just like old times!

Now for the fun.

You're going to have to bear with me here as a ton of words are coming that might not mean anything in the grand scheme of things. I also had to combine several points into a single clip because the NBA Media Site is glitchy and dumb and I wasn't going to rewatch every single game to find a Bogut assist or Lee screen.

Here's where the spacing gets a little junky with Lee on the court. He sets a screen for Klay Thompson, which does nothing because it's either a decoy screen and the play was set up for him, or he was supposed to pin Andrew Wiggins way further down on the baseline. Regardless, Draymond Green crashes down from the PNR and dishes it to Lee, who now has Thompson a couple feet away from him and zero space with which to create for himself or Thompson. He has no choice but to dish it to the corner and the play breaks down from there.

So far Steve Kerr hasn't done any of the things with Lee that he allowed Bogut to do. I'm a little disappointed but not surprised. Lee is coming off a pretty severe injury and still trying to find his wind on the court. Kerr doesn't want to put too much on his plate. The non-physical aspect of this is Lee remains a habitual screen-whiffer. Whereas Bogut destroys bigs and smalls coming around his picks, Lee is much more ready to slip and cut than standing still.

There's been some HORNs action but nothing improvisational from the way Bogut ran them. Lee is just going through the motions of the play instead of functioning as the focal point. But it's super early in his return to really glean anything worthwhile. The Lee-Green frontcourt is still the team's best in terms of offense as long as Bogut is out. For now, it's a good thing that Lee hasn't reaggravated his hamstring.

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