Everybody Loves Draymond, Especially the Warriors


raymond Green is so highly valued around the league, every GM knows how pesky of a defender he can be, how he can guard 4 positions and is essential to the Warriors defense. He allows guards and bigs to switch on almost every screen, and his name is currently in the mix for Most Improved Player due to his massive increase in minutes and role (jumping his minutes from 22 to 32 this year) and he is going to hit free agency at the optimal time, for him. The Warriors re-signing him, however, make become very tricky. The Warriors already have $78,772,757 commuted in salary next year. That’s $5 million more than they have now, and Green, Barbosa, and Nedovic will all be free agents. The salary cap for 2014-15 is going to be around $63 million, with the luxury tax level set around 7% higher, at just under $77 million. The Warriors currently sit just a shade under the luxury tax with a current total salary of $73.3, leaving them some flexibility to sign free agents late in the year, or absorb more salary in a trade, but if you simply add in $8 or so million to keep Green on the team, then the Warriors are moving into unknown territory. How can the Warriors keep their core together while not spending exorbitantly? Let’s take a look.