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SBN theme day community survey: Who would be on a Golden State Warriors Mt. Rushmore?

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The SB Nation-NBA network will be having a team-by-team Mount Rushmore theme day tomorrow. We want to make sure GSoM's voice is in that mix.


After a recent NBA TV interview with LeBron James in which he discussed who might be on his NBA Mount Rushmore, people around the internet have been discussing which players in NBA history deserve a spot.

And given LeBron's heroics against the Golden State Warriors last night, I certainly won't challenge the notion that he should certainly be sculpted into the hypothetical monument by the end of his career if not sooner.

But the SB Nation-NBA network is planning to take a different collective approach to this question for a theme day tomorrow: who would be on each NBA team's Mt. Rushmore? For GsoM in particular, who should be on a Warriors-themed Mt. Rushmore?

We'll post some thoughts tomorrow, but thought it would be a good idea to survey the community first. A few quick clarifying guidelines:

  • For the sake of simplicity, we'll limit this to the franchise's time in the Bay Area.

  • To perhaps complicate things, the list of four can include players, coaches, owners, broadcasters, your favorite usher, or anyone associated with the franchise.

A few questions just to kickstart discussion:

  • Is it too early in Stephen Curry's career to consider him a lock? Just making the All-Star game as a starter puts him in an elite group in franchise history. And he will probably go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, three point shooters in history. The argument for him on a Warriors Mount Rushmore should be clear. But just for the sake of argument, he's only in his fifth season with the team – including one in which he only played 26 games – and as of right now has just one playoff season. Of course, one playoff season in Warriors history is more than quite a few others, but we'll just acknowledge that he hasn't been here long and move forward.

  • Someone from the 1975 team has to be on a Warriors Rushmore right? When you only have one championship, someone from that team has to make the franchise's Rushmore. Rick Barry is probably the most recognizable name from that team among younger Warriors fans, so he'd have to be under consideration.

  • How does Baron Davis' significance to the We Believe team fit here? We've discussed Baron Davis' significance to the franchise in a previous theme day about the best trade ever and it's really difficult not to at least include him a discussion here. Davis only spent 3.5 seasons with the Warriors right at the end of his prime years, but he played a huge role in getting a beleaguered franchise back to the post season for the first time in more than a decade.
  • Which members of Run TMC deserve a spot? Personal disclaimer: I became a Warriors fan during the Run TMC era after my dad cursed took my brother and I to a few games as youth. So I'm partial to someone on that team being on a Warriors Mount Rushmore. As not only a Hall of Famer, but also a Dream Team member as a Warrior, it seems hard to leave Chris Mullin out. But what about his running mates?
  • Where does Don Nelson stand? This exercise isn't limited to players and Don Nelson is about as significant a figure to the franchise, for better or worse, as anyone associated with it over the last two decades: Run TMC, We Believe, and Chris Webber's lone yet extremely successful season with the Warriors all have Nellie's imprint.
  • So who do you think should be on a Warriors Mount Rushmore? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. And if you have Photoshop skills to actually put together a mock up that we can share with the rest of the SBN network, drop that in the comments as well.