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2014 NBA All-Star Game: Stephen Curry's chance at All-Star redemption

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Stephen Curry will start in today's All-Star game after a disappointing performance in the weekend's other events.

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So far, the only Golden State Warriors draft pick to do anything noteworthy during NBA All-Star Weekend is former summer league superstar Marco Belinelli, who edged out Stephen Curry in the first round of the Three Point Shootout on his way to an eventual victory.

Curry and his father also flopped in the Shooting Stars competition, Harrison Barnes was underwhelming in the dunk contest and marginally better in the Rising Stars game, and Tim Hardaway & Son didn't do a whole lot more than the Curry duo in the shooting stars contest.

Tonight at 5 p.m. PST on TNT, Curry tries to redeem himself in his first time playing in the All-Star game.

Drew Garrison of SB Nation already has a full All-Star game primer up if you want to see who's starting with Curry, but at this point I'm starting to look ahead to the remainder of the NBA regular season: as Marcus Thompson described earlier today - and scraider outlined in detail in a fanpost earlier this week - Curry heated up after the All-Star Game (from which he was unjustly snubbed) last season.

Some good news: After flopping in the 3-point shootout last season, Curry went on to make 123 3-pointers in 30 games after the break (4.1 per game) at a 46.1 percent clip.

"We're saving our legs for the second half of the season," Barnes said. "Exactly."

Let's hope Curry gives us some memorable moments in his first All-Star Game then let's hope Barnes is right about their All-Star weekend strategy.

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