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NBA trade rumor: Golden State Warriors will trade Kent Bazemore, MarShon Brooks to L.A. Lakers for Steve Blake

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It's been real, Kent.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I suppose we all knew the Kent Bazemore Experience had to end at some point with him unable to earn consistent minutes as part of a bench unit that was desperately looking for production from anyone. Unfortunately, Bazemore's 6.3 PER wasn't enough to keep him around.

But Kent, know that we appreciate all the memories and the 2012-13 season/playoff run would not have been the same without your sideline celebrations - those are the things that none of these newfangled statistics can measure.

Best of luck moving forward.

In the meantime, welcome Steve Blake.

After we're done grieving the loss of one of the franchise's all-time great sideline celebrators, we'll surely find more appropriate words to say about this.