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Steve Blake trade a solid move for the Golden State Warriors

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The Warriors bolstered a bench that has struggled throughout the season without much of a sacrifice.


In trading Kent Bazemore and recently-acquired MarShon Brooks to the L.A. Lakers for veteran point guard Steve Blake, the Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers has once again found a way to turn what seemed like assets of limited value into something of great value to the team.

Best of all, Myers did so without sacrificing much in terms of personnel or salary cap room, as described by Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group.

The Warriors are still under the tax. They still have their traded player exceptions, which they can use as they continue to look for deals. And they got a back-up point guard.

Blake and Jordan Crawford, who was acquired from Boston with Brooks last month, give the Warriors a pair of options behind Stephen Curry. Both can play shooting guard next to Curry. Both give the Warriors starting-quality guards off the bench. Blake is more of a point guard than Crawford, which could free him up to do what he does best: score.

There's really not much to dislike about this deal: even if Blake doesn't exactly do for the Warriors what Jarrett Jack did last season (as Thompson suggested in his article), they gave up so little that it at worst gives the staff another ball handler off the bench to work with when the team is struggling to get the offense going.

Thompson also suggests that more moves could still be in store for the team before tomorrow's deadline at noon.

In the meantime, grade the trade below and lament the loss of Bazemore in our previous thread.