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Who Goes Where: Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Preview

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And when, of course. Goodbye to Kent and Marshon - hello, Steve Blake. But what about the Rockets?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets

Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA

TV: TNT // Radio: KNBR 680

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Already - and post deadline - an update: Granger from Indiana to the Sixers. Hope it bites Indiana on the bottom, come playoff time. If Sixers buy him out, there's a greater than 0 chance he'll wind up on the Warriors. How much greater than zero will depend. Also - no word on Bogut.

Of the 23 players traded at the deadline, only two were starters - Steve Blake and Spencer Hawes. In other words, all the hype and speculation about Big Names came down to....absolutely nothing. Steve Blake for Kent Bazemore and Marshon Brooks is the biggest deal made. And as much as I (and the team) will miss Kent, it's likely the best deal made. I'm not sure how much to credit the idea that Jordan Crawford was being dangled by the Dubs - Crawford and Blake have different strengths, and together make a significant backcourt upgrade for the Warriors bench. More versatility, more weapons. (Incidentally, isn't it time we realized the Warriors are relatively positionless? It doesn't matter who gets subbed in for whom, except for matchups.)

But Houston has made a (relatively) minor trade as well - and Aaron Brooks won't be in a Rockets uniform tonight.  I wouldn't imagine Andre Miller will be either. And Blake is expected to be. Will this make a difference?

Likely not.

What's up is who gets the minutes, and Dwight Howard is always a load. So is James Harden. Chandler Parsons in no slouch, and even if not spectacular, their PG is solid. The Rockets have been on a pretty good run lately, and the road B2B is up against a split B2B for the Dubs. Last night's game was good - tonight's game needs to be better. Let's see if Golden State is serious about moving up in the standings.


- Warriors by 5

-  Blake and Crawford contribute.

- Steph goes off for 30/5/10/3/1 (3 steals, 1 block)