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Warriors vs Blazers: Western Conference Showdown!

Friday’s loss against The Cavaliers at home was a headache to watch. To think this past Tuesday we were on a 5 game win streak and now we’re on the verge on going on a 3 game losing streak?! Oh, how the tables turn! We’re better than that, till I realized who we’re up against tonight…

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Golden State Warriors (41-26) at Portland Trailblazers (43-23)
TV: CSN Bay Area / Radio: KNBR
Arena: Moda Center, Portland, OR
Tip-Off: 6pm PST
Blog Buddy:

Our Dubs take their talents on the road to face off against a Portland squad minus their superstar LaMarcus Aldridge who suffered an injury this past Wednesday against the Spurs. Putting our team to the test, this is an important win on the road for the Warriors. Let’s get in there and get it done! This Warriors vs. Trail Blazers showdown is about to get epic!

The Blueprint to victory:

Klay Thompson: It looks like Splash Brother #2 may be back tonight (condolences go out to his grandfather Dewitt, which Klay attended funeral services this past Friday). The Dubs' 3rd best scorer is going to need to put up some big numbers to help the team offensively. He's been on fire as of late... definitely can use that spark tonight.

Stop Damian Lillard! The Trail Blazers are looking for back to back wins after Friday's big win against the Pelicans. Lillard can do it all! (I couldn't help saying that!) Key factor: stop him and force turnovers or we could be in for a long night.

Ball Movement: Keep Portland guessing and distribute that ball accordingly - everyone can help make big plays.

Tonight's X-factors: I gotta say Harrison Barnes & Jermaine O'Neal are going to have important roles off the bench. Anticipation of a monster dunk from Harrison is a given. O'Neal could come off the bench with some big numbers or key defensive plays. All would be a major plus.

Dubs Defense: Smother the paint and close off that 3-point line. We'll be seeing a lot of treys launching on both ends of the court. If we can clog up the paint and force turnovers, it could work to our advantage.

Curry vs. Lillard: It's going to be a battle! All I can really say is Curry's gotta take this and lead his team to victory. Nuff' said! We're all in for a treat with this one!


David Lee's going to play show-stealer tonight, mess around for a triple double and all.

Klay's going to bring a great scoring run. Something we were missing in Friday's loss.

Despite a career night for Damian Lillard - I have a feeling he's going to go off on us - we can still take this one. Should be a good defensive night for the Dubs

With Steph & Andre possibly playing limited minutes, (both playing with injuries), expect the rest of our starters and bench to step it up.

Let's make it 11-4 boys (after the all-star break) Dubs win by 1 at the buzzer.

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