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Warriors Top 40? Golden State vs Phoenix Preview

And the hits just keep on coming as Golden State aims for 40 wins tonight.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors (39-24) vs. Phoenix Suns(36-25)

Roaracle, Oaktown 6:00 PM PST

TV: CSNBA - NBATV/ Radio: KNBR 680

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One down, nineteen to go. This is a key game in terms of maintaining their seed in the West, and possibly moving up - if the Warriors win and Houston wins, the Warriors will be closer to Portland than to either the Suns or Dallas. There's no reason to think that Golden State can't win this one - but no reason to think it will be easy, either.

Phoenix is a really fun team to watch. Goran Dragic is playing very well. Eric Bledsoe might play tonight, he's likely to be a little rusty. Gerald Green could make up for it, coming off of a career performance.  The Morrii (Marcus and Markief Morris) are playing very well - and so is Channing Frye. While this isn't the year for Phoenix, they could be dangerous next year, and the year after -especially if Alex Len develops.

The Warriors only "probable" for tonight is Klay Thompson - the rest of the rotation appears ready to play.  The play will likely be fast, at least for a while - Phoenix plays at the Warriors tempo, but also has a tendency to foul.  Andrew Bogut has no reason to love Dragic - I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Goran flattened on a couple of screens. Bogut and David Lee are still racking up the boards, and the recent resurgence in offensive rebounding can only help. A  healthy Jermaine O'Neal means few minutes for Speights, and the  should continue their recent production. Stephen Curry is probably due for a hot game, and Andre Iguodala just needed a dislocated finger to regain a shooting touch.

All in all, it should be another fun game.

Warriors by 8

Double-doubles for everyoneo

Steph has a triple-double in 25 minutes.

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