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GSOM + Pogoseat $40 Credit to Upgrade Your Golden State Warriors Seats at the Roaracle

The Fun Police are back in full effect at the Roaracle Arena.

Do you remember this classic Nike Fun Police retro spot?

Fast forward to 2014 and with the help of Pogoseat, we can make this (sorta) happen for the mighty GSOM community at large. Thanks to the good folks at Pogoseat we can hook our readers up with a $40 credit to "move on up" like The Jeffersons next time you're at a game.

Here's a little bit more about Pogoseat:


Pogoseat allows fans to upgrade seats and purchase unique experiences from their phone while at live events. The Pogoseat app allows fans to see a map of the stadium, recommends the best unused seats, gives fans credit for their original tickets and lets fans instantly purchase a seat upgrade for a little bit more. Pogoseat offers more than just a better view, they personalize the seating experience and continue to build new ways for fans to engage with their team and fellow fans.

Just head on over to Pogoseat to redeem the Golden State of Mind coupon.

You can also access Pogoseat in the Warriors app: Android | iOS

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