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Three crazy things that happened in the Golden State Warriors' win over the L.A. Clippers

We're still trying to digest what just happened today, but here are some the crazier things that happened with the help of basketball Twitter.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors sent a message to the L.A. Clippers and everyone who doubted them by scoring a 109-105 win at Staples Center today.

That was crazy enough to spend some time chewing on, but here are three random crazy things that happened in the game.

1. The Warriors won the game without Bogut and 20 minutes of Andre Iguodala

There's no way I would've expected this team to win with Andre Iguodala fouling out after just 20 minutes of game time. That was big, huge, and (for me) totally unexpected. Yet it's at least partially because the Clippers suffered from their own foul woes.

2. The two teams combined for 51 fouls.

With center Andrew Bogut already out of the game for the Warriors, the very last thing we wanted to see what Andre Iguodala fouling out. As entertaining as the game was and this series figures to continue being, it was also a shame that Blake Griffin fouled out with a few questionable fouls of his own. Chris Paul was limited by five fouls while David Lee missed a significant portion of the first half in foul trouble as well.

Just as a fan of basketball, that's not what you want to see in the playoffs, especially given the way Griffin and Iguodala picked up a couple of those fouls. However, I feel little sympathy for Paul, however, since he started the game spending an inordinate amount of time trying to draw random fouls by flailing himself around. In fact, it seemed to be a strategy for the Clips. If nothing else, let's credit the refs for not falling for such nonsense - Paul's foul trouble was just the consequence the basketball gods deemed appropriate

3. Blake Griffin doused a fan on his way out of the game.

No additional words necessary: Prada nailed it.

Now, we celebrate.

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