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Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers Game 3 Playoff Preview: Not going to be easy to come back from the worst Warriors loss in my lifetime

It not going to be easy to come back. Roaracle please BRING IT!

You know he's fired up.
You know he's fired up.
Stephen Dunn

Warriors vs Clippers

Series tied 1-1

TV: TNT + CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR 680

Tip-Off: 7:30pm


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I have to be honest. Game 2 in LA was the worst Warriors loss I've ever seen in my lifetime.

It was indeed frustrating to see super star Stephen Curry get non-super star treatment from the refs. Those drives in the 3rd quarter where he got a lot of contact and ended up with no calls were surprising. Shoot even Steph was surprised and got an extremely rare technical foul.

Hand it to the Clippers though. Now the Warriors defense was atrocious, but the Clips were making some tough shots, playing smart, and catching fire- 56.6% FG, 48.0% 3pt, and 91.4% FT.

Lot's of Out's and Un's

But you don't lose by 40 in a playoff game against your biggest rival and not get any blame.

  • Out-coached
  • Un-prepared
  • Out-hustled
  • Un-motivated
  • Out-played
  • Un-inspiring
Most importantly the effort was simply unacceptable. Now the Warriors players had a historic underperformance, but it also proved that Coach Jackson has lost this ball club. They do not play hard for him.

Shoot even Nellie's D-League Warriors squad played more inspiring basketball than the Warriors did in Game 2 of a PLAYOFF game.

(I wonder if Don Nelson is free for Warriors Comeback 3.0?)

This can't happen again tonight in front of the Roaracle faithful where ticket prices are just out of control- over $200 for some upper bowl tickets.

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When I predicted that the Warriors would shock the world (well, ESPN at least), I did not expect the Warriors to get blown out by 40 points in any one single game. It is not going to be easy to come back win this series, let alone win another game. The Warriors have basically told their arch-rival that they can be dominated and out-willed.


I hope the team is pumped up after that embarrassment. I know the Roaracle faithful will bring it tonight. Here's what I'd like to see the team bring tonight:
  • X's and O's: I hope Mark Jackson and his staff had an (unfortunately) rare few days of long hours re-thinking game strategy and tactics. Preaching will not help you beat a talented team coached by Doc Rivers and Alvin Gentry. It's going to take creativity and hard work. Is this coaching staff willing to put in the hours? To date, it hasn't seemed like it.
  • Balanced Scoring: Andre Iguodala is a very capable 20 point scorer. With David Lee having a bad matchup against the defensive monster known as DeAndre Jordan, a big scoring night from Iguodala is critical. It's pretty clear the Clippers have decided they are not going to let Stephen Curry beat them.
  • Distribute the Point Guard Responsibilities: If the Warriors double-team and trap Curry every time he brings the ball up the court and others don't step up here, it is going to be a long night. It would be nice to see some varied looks with Harrison Barnes, Iguodala, and Draymond Green bringing the ball up. Steve Blake and Jordan Crawford need to be steady here as well.

Start Four

New Playoff Rule: GSOMers are only allowed to pick Warriors players for their lineup. (should be self-explanatory)

Here's mine:
  1. Stephen Curry: Time to show them why you're a super star.
  2. Andre Iguodala: Time to score.
  3. Harrison Barnes: Time for Mr. April.
  4. Hilton Armstrong: Time to help out the coaching staff.
Who are your 4? Make your picks on the Golden State of Mind Group on Start Four.


  • If the Warriors lose by more than 20 points at home tonight, Mark Jackson will be fired on the spot during a timeout in the closing seconds of the game.
  • The Clippers will not shoot 55% FG, 48% 3pt, and 90% FT again.
  • The Roaracle crowd will BRING IT.
  • Stephen Curry will get (deserved) super star treatment from the refs.
  • Warriors by 1.

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