An Open Letter for Anti-Sterling Crowd Cheers During Game 4

Dear Everyone Going to Warriors-Clippers Game 4 on Sunday,

From apparently all accounts and evidence available, Donald Sterling is a reprehensible human being. Conveniently, tomorrow night, the crowd in Oracle will have an opportunity to cheer the Warriors and heckle the Clippers. I humbly suggest two crowd chants for the game, to be cheered when the Clippers have the ball:



Both are four syllables and easy to chant in the "Let's Go [Team Name]" cadence. The first cheer has an obvious message. The second is intended to pressure/embarrass the Commissioner Adam Silver into action by making sure, on a National Stage, that all eyes are trained on him.

If you are attending the game please do make an attempt to (1) get in the Clippers players' heads and (2) more importantly, leverage public pressure on the NBA to do the right thing, and get rid of Donald Sterling.


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