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Golden State Warriors throws love-fest for themselves and Steve Kerr

The Warriors really like Steve Kerr. Can you tell?

Justin Sullivan

Steve Kerr wants a stretch four. Steve Kerr wants a staff that owns head coaching experience and isn't afraid to challenge him. Steve Kerr called the fans the best in the world. Steve Kerr could do no wrong. Like Andre Iguodala's press conference with Bob Myers, the Golden State Warriors visualized this as simply that - an addition of a superstar entity. One that conceivably functioned as an extension of Joe Lacob and Bob Myers themselves. Or that's what they're making it out to be. Kerr said all the right things. He's prepared. And unlike any coach in Golden State Warriors history, he's under the most pressure to win now. Just one problem: when asked if this is a championship roster, Kerr responded:

Tim Kawakami of San Jose Mercury News posted a transcript of a conversation he had with Kerr after the presser found here.

Other takeaways? Kerr has talked to everyone but two people about his new position as head coach. Kerr also consulted Gregg Popovich before accepting this job. He admitted to the rough process in turning Phil Jackson down but his family's location factored in strongly.

But big picture, Joe Lacob stated that 51 wins isn't a failure. A first-round exit isn't a failure, so says Lacob, the owner who fired Mark Jackson. Kerr owned up to the first question he asked during his pitch, "Why isn't Mark Jackson the coach?" And while Kerr didn't let us into what happened during that meeting, he divulged the fact that Lacob and Myers admitted their mistake, whatever it is and was.

The Warriors fan base is used to failure, used to the bungling mediocrity that has written the past several decades of existence. Since Lacob has stepped in, he's upped the stakes, not because of any financial motive but because he, as an investor and venture capitalist, feels success is always a step or two away. And here we are. Blessed with a coach that's ostensibly ready to run the offense they think could unlock a championship team, Lacob has put himself in a situation where he must put together the pieces to get where he wants to go.

And if all this fanfare and mini-parade of a first-time head coach seemed over the top, just wait until they can get their hands on a certain power forward.

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